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The early years are very crucial for the children’s holistic development and in this realm, a blend of both play and pre-school education would invokes the cognitive learning and self-confidence among children’s and help the child with social skills and becomes a pivotal steps towards the future learning curve

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TSR Kids and Play School is an institution which takes care of the learning curve in children’s and invokes the learning quotient in them. TSR Kids and play school the education centric organization having its learning centre in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, running under the tutelage of TKR Educational Society which is being registered as a school trust in Guntur.

Our days of inception :

Our days of initial inception of learning began as a tuition centre in Guntur, where we had made our baby steps towards the crucial aspects of teaching a student and bringing forth the cognitive learning curve in the young minds. The understanding of this initiative had been our success mantra to setup a tuition service in the year 1990 and we grow today as a complete Kids School which caters to education beginning with playschool, Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary Education till 10th grade under the affiliation of the state board, Government of Andhra Pradesh.

Experience :

In our decade-long legacy of nurturing the inner potential of students, we have uniquely shaped ourselves as a new cult of educational enterprise in itself. This revolutionary journey began as a training pursuit, we have evidenced and impacted the learning curve and have transformed ourselves as the epicentre to shape the students to inculcate the habit of smart-thinking, dynamism and face the real-world of opportunities. TSR Education institutions becomes the embodiment of Smart Choice and transforming as a Smart Child. TSR Kids School based in Guntur, have brought in the legacy of transforming as a smart choice for parents and further elevating the child to become smart. Towards this, we become the epitome of commendable applause from the region of being an expert in pre-school education. The institution brings in the experimental learning and it nurtures the natural curiosity among children.

TSR Kids School, an expert in pre-school education is the best choice for your child!

Our Motto

The institution is driven with a slogan, “No matter whether your child is a genius or a little slow, the right guidance and tutoring could eventually enable the child to perform well and outshine well even in the immense competition”.


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Mr. Srinivasa Ram

Having his stint over mathematics, Mr. Ram is a post-graduate in mathematics from Acharya Nagarjuna University. He realised the education to be a powerful medium to prepare young minds to become the future professionals. He began his initial footsteps as a prime mentor in an academy where he was instrumental in providing the quality educations among students who wanted to achieve their best in academic curriculum. The achievement in tutoring the students has led to a full-fledged educational institution in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. He currently serves as a secretary and chief correspondent for TKR Educational Society, registered in Guntur.

Mrs. Sreedevi

With a teaching experience spanning decades, Mrs. Sreedevi brings with her the tiller of best mentor at TKR Educational Society. She is a grauate in Arts and teaching degree (B.ed) from Kakatiya University and the post graduate teaching degree (M.ed) from Andhra University. She joins the board of TKR Educational Society as a principal and Head Master. Under her tutelage, the TSR Kids School has transformed itself as a seat of learning for the aspiring students.


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